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    Letter about a course

    I was on a course / training which was provided by my employer. It was really a useful one in my job. I would like to write an email to the participants of the course and cc to my supervisor stating about the course. I would like to express my gratitude towards the management as well.

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    Re: Letter about a course

    What is your question?

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    Re: Letter about a course

    I would like to send an email stating that the course was very useful and and so on..


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    Re: Letter about a course

    We ask you to do the writing and post it - we can then comment. We do not do your writing for you.

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    Re: Letter about a course

    Please find below the form of the letter:

    First of all I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the managment for providing such a valuable course. The course provided and overall idea of Basic Petroleum Engineering and Drilling. I was very happy when the terms and abbrevations which we use in our drawings and reports in our daily job were defined and clarified. The doubts or confusions which came across were clarified. The mode of instruction was really effective and worthy. I didn't find we being unattended or a doubt not being clarified. The course by all means, such as the subject itself, instructor, venue, timing etc.. were really a great success. Some inputs from the job experience of our fellow participants also helped.

    I am sure such courses will really "Enhance Our Reliability" [EOR] in the job will be a motivation to the employees.

    Kind Regards

    The above letter would be addressed to my supervisor, head, fellow participants in the course, and to instructor. The abbrevation "EOR" used above is an abbrevation used in the oil field industry.

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