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    Question Possessives Last name

    I'm a bit confused as to which possessive form i should use for: Valdes should i write: Valdes' or write: Valdes's I have used Valdes's in the past. Is Valdes singular or plural and do you think it sound akward as valdes's Thanks.

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    Re: Possessives Last name

    Valdes is singular, and you can write/say Mr. Valdes' house or Mr. Valdes's house.
    For the plural (the Valdes family's house) write/say The Valdeses' house.

    Valdes's and Valdeses' have the same pronunciation.
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    Re: Possessives Last name

    Despite the 's' ending it is not plural. As to how to form the possessive, both of your examples are acceptable so, it's a matter of personal preference. For myself, I would finish on the apostrophe and not add the possessive 's'. The only thing I would say is that it is probably better to use just one of the variations in any piece of writing rather than mix them.

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