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    Question to speak good english

    iam new to this website,i feel very glad to have this type of website.i want to develop my english language communication skills, i hope u will guide and help me to speak good english.

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    Re: to speak good english

    We can help you to learn to speak English well.
    The English words good and well are often confused by native and non-native speakers of English - this is a good lesson that will put you well on your way to understanding the difference.


    Good is an adjective, which means that it modifies nouns.

    This is a good movie

    What a good idea!

    You speak good English

    Good can be used with copular verbs (that is, verbs which express a state of being, such as to be, to seem, and to appear), but it is still an adjective modifying a noun, not a verb.

    This movie is good

    His ideas are good

    Your English is good


    Well is an adverb, which means that it modifies verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.

    Did the movie do well at the box office?

    It was a well-defined idea

    You speak English well

    Well can be used as an adjective to mean "in good health."

    You look well

    I don't feel well

    The Bottom Line

    The confusion between good and well comes from their similar meanings, and a general confusion between adjectives and adverbs. Take a moment to think about what the word is modifying: if it's a verb, you'd do well to use well; otherwise, the good choice is good.

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    Re: to speak good english

    Good lesson, Hi_there_Carl!
    You did very well in putting it through.

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