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Thread: Old vs Ex

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    Old vs Ex

    Old and ex can express the same idea, or not?
    We say: This is my old school
    This is my ex school?
    My ex girlfriend is standing over there
    My old girlfriend is standing over there

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    Re: Old vs Ex

    Ostensibly they can, but "ex" has something of a feeling that whatever it is has in some way changed its nature, character or position.


    "Old" just implies that they are from the past [and might not be well taken by your ex-girlfriend]

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    Re: Old vs Ex

    But, in Oxford dictionary, they write:
    [only before noun] former; belonging to past times or a past time in your life:
    Things were different in the old days.
    I went back to visit my old school.
    Old and Middle English
    So, old=former and former= ex, then old= ex, right?

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    Re: Old vs Ex

    They're not always interchangeable- for school, I would not use ex.

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    Re: Old vs Ex

    But that is the example Oxford gave out


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