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    Question Students left behind

    I am not yet a teacher. I just started observing classrooms for my student teaching. I sat in a class of weak 8th graders. There are so many different levels of English among the students that the teacher cannot possibly relate to them all. She teaches to the majority, but many students are left behind, unable to follow the lesson. They have their own workbooks and work at their own pace, but do not really get much instruction. Sometimes there is a teacher's assistant who goes around helping each student individually. But these students each require a lot of attention, and she has to divide it between many students. What would any of you suggest for such a situation?

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    Re: Students left behind

    Well, she could split the class and have a beginners' class and an advanced class; but that's not always possible (budget, staff availability, etc).

    Otherwise, she needs to prepare two lessons -- one for the advanced students, and one for the less advanced. The lessons need to be structured so that one group can be given work to do on their own while she gives instruction to the other group -- and then vice versa.

    Also, she can devise activities where the stronger students support and help the others in some way.

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