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    Advice on cover letters to people you know

    Greetings. I am in an interesting situation. I wish to apply for a position within an organization that I worked at rather successfully for just over five years. I left on very good terms for a better opportunity. This opportunity did not work out and I am on the job market. A new position has been created with my previous employer. Although it is 180 degrees from what I did there previously, it is still a position I am more than qualified for and would actually enjoy and do well.

    I am planning to send my application to the contact posted with the position details, and also to the person supervising the new position (my former supervisor). My question, at long last, is what should I include in this cover letter, being sent to people who already know me well? My usual cover letter seems a bit too formal and not really appropriate for this situation.

    I really appreciate your input and am really happy I found this site!


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    Re: Advice on cover letters to people you know

    If you have already worked for this company, then you need to remind them of your association and be enthusiastic about returning to work with them again. It's easier if you are sending your application to someone you already know.

    How about drafting something and seeing what people have to say?

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