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    Help Me Quickly


    Please, check it for me

    Choose the correct word for each space.
    Hypatia's father was director of Alexandria University . and he made sure his daughter had the best education available .this was unusual, as most women then had few study.
    1.classes 2.customs 3.opportunities 4.teachers

    Hypatia was also interested in technology and .....3.... several scientific tools to help with her work.
    1. did 2. experimented 3. invented 4. learnt

    Q2 :
    The most famous diary in English was written by Samuel Pepys.It gives a detailed and interesting (1).Aof everyday life in England (2).B.. 1660 and 1669. Pepys writes about important newa stories of the time ,like disease, an enemy navy (3)..C up the River Thames .He also writes about himself ,even about his (4)..A. he often slept during church.He liked parties with good food and (5).B.. of fun.Pepyswas a busy man who had many important(6)....A.- he was a Member of Parliament and President of Royal Society .He is also(7).d..for his work for the British Navy.

    1. A.description b.letter c.notice d. story

    2.between b. from c. through d. to
    what is the different between (between and through)

    3. A. driving b. flying c. running d. sailing

    4.a accidents b. plans c. drams d.faults

    5. a. amount b. plenty c. much d. some
    what is the different between them??

    6. a . acts b.hobbies d.studies

    7. reviews b. remembered c. reminded d. reported

    what is the differetn between them??


    The Rockey Mountains run the length of North America.
    They start in thw North-west , but lie only a (1)....c.... hundred miles from the centre in more southern areas .There are many roads across the Rockies ,(2).....B by train. Vancouver standing with its feet in the water and its head in thw mountains, this city(3).B.....its residents to ski on slopes just 15 minutes by car from the city (4).C......
    You sleep on board.(5) fun , but travel through some of the bedt (6)..A. at night.

    1. a. many b.lot c. few d.couple

    what is the different between them?

    2. a. drive travel c. ride Pass

    3. lets b.allows c. offers d. gives

    what is the different between them?

    4. centre b. circle c. middle d. heart

    what is the different between them?

    5. when which c. who d. where
    when can I use which or where
    6. secenery view d. beauty

    what is the different between secenery, view and site?


    The film companies began to make large ....C... of money again.

    amount accounts numbers totals
    what is the different between them?

    Also what is the different between damage ,fault and mistake?

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    Re: Help Me Quickly

    Look carefully again at:
    Q2: 3,4,6 and 7
    Q3: 4

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    Re: Help Me Quickly

    Thank you
    David L.

    I don't know what are the answers and the different between them, please tell me.

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    Re: Help Me Quickly

    Who can help me?

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