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Thread: omitting "the"

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    omitting "the"

    good morning. I have a question.
    When am I supposed to omit article "the" in front of percentages? For example, which one of the followings is correct and why?
    If you ask me some questions, 90% of the answers..........
    If you ask me some questions, the 90% of the answers..............

    thank you so much.

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    Re: omitting "the"

    The simple answer is that, unlike in Spanish for example, you don't say 'the' with percentages.

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    Re: omitting "the"

    The exception to this is:
    "The survey showed that 60% of people would vote 'yes', 35% would vote 'no', and 5% were 'undecided'. Of the 35% 'no' voters, more than 90% were women."
    "the" is used before the percentage because I am referring back to a specific percentage already mentioned. As in:
    "A dog walked into my yard. The dog started digging a hole for a bone." When I refer back to the dog, it is now ' the dog I mentioned in the first sentence'.

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