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    Difference between 'just' and 'only'

    A student of mine asked me whether I know the difference between the words just and only. Unfortunately I couldn't give him a sure answer. who can help me? is there a difference e.g. between these two fragments:
    just you and me, and
    only you and me
    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Difference between 'just' and 'only'

    as I see it, you can use "Just" as an adv or adj; the former with different meanings such as exactly, short time ago, to emphasize what you are saying or as a synonym of "only". In this case with the meaning of nothing more than the thing, amount etc, that you have mentioned.

    But as the word "synonym" means there is little difference between them. Perhaps pragmatics is more concerned in this issue.


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    Re: Difference between 'just' and 'only'

    Thanks a lot . sounds quite sensible.

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