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    Mr. Tambourine Man (I)

    Hi there. I'm moving the song back because I'm not writing a song.

    1. Is it OK to call someone a Mr. guitar man or piano man?

    2. "I'm branded on my feet."
    What does the quote mean? Is it a common usage?

    "the ancient empty street's too dead for dreaming"
    3. Does the quote mean the writer gets fed up with his living environments? Doesn't have too much potential to grow. Is it a common usage?

    "My senses have been stripped"
    4. What does the quote mean? Is it a common usage?

    "wait only for my boot heels
    To be wanderin'"
    5. Why 'boot heels'? why not just 'boot'?

    "I'm ready for to fade
    Into my own parade, cast your dancing spell my way
    I promise to go under it."
    6. Can you explain the quote to me. Are the usages common?

    Thanks in advance.

    jingle, jangle n. - a metallic sound

    noun: temporary loss of strength and energy resulting from hard physical or mental work (Example: "Weariness overcame her after twelve hours and she fell asleep")

    heel n. the rounded back part of the foot

    wander (WALK) (from Cambridge)
    verb [I or T]
    to walk around slowly in a relaxed way or without any clear purpose or direction:
    We spent the morning wandering around the old part of the city.
    She was found several hours later, wandering the streets, lost.
    He was here a moment ago but he's wandered off somewhere.


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    Re: Mr. Tambourine Man (I)

    1. If you mean is it ok to address somebody like this, it has been done but it is not at all a usual thing to do.

    2-4. The meanings of these have been argued over many times since the song was written. In truth nobody apart from Bob Dylan himself really knows the meaning he intended and he has always refused to explain his lyrics. No they are highly unusual which is why no one is sure exactly what he meant.

    5. Same answer really.

    6. Again nobody is certain.

    The song has been said to be about drugs and drug-induced hallucinations or about death and a New Orleans funeral procession. My personal opinion is that it is about both.

    Sorry this isn't of much help but the truth is unless Bob Dylan himself tells us we will never know for sure.

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