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    Smile Do you get off on something

    Hi, my name is Rodrigo, im an english student though i got an english doubt; ivīse asked some friends of mine about "To get off on something" , there are ppl who say itīs an expression and it is real, others say have never heard of before, one friend of mine told me "do you get off on cult movies?" which means TO enjoy greatest, cult movies... but at my concept to get off means sexualīs stuff. eww
    Could you please enlighten me about that issue, id be glad. oh im gonna let you my email address , so you could reply me through it, thanks

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    Re: Do you get off on something

    It has both connotations, but the second is the common use.

    See here: Urban Dictionary: get off

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    Smile Re: Do you get off on something

    According to what you've portrayed above,

    both connotations are used in different ways, but the sexual reference is mostly used in your society today. So it is best to use "Do you enjoy watching...etc"


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