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    'why dont you' concept checking


    how do i concept check on using sentences when speaking to the class on proffessional/friendly advice in e.g pharmacy?

    please, would help, because i dont think ive got the brains to even figure it out

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    Re: 'why dont you' concept checking

    I suggest thinking up concept check questions before the lesson and jotting them down somewhere. Ask the students a question closely related to the target concept. For example, if you are working on a third conditional sentence like this: "I would have done my homework if I had had enough time", your concept checking questions could be these: Did you do your homework? Did you have enough time? If you're checking the understanding of instructions which say: "Guess your partner's answers to the true or false questions below", you could ask: Do you need to speak to your partner at this stage?
    Here is another example... When teaching the modal auxiliary should for giving advice, You might ask the following concept questions:

    • Is Bob in bed now?
    • Is Bob sick?
    • Does Mary think it is okay for Bob to stay in bed?
    • Does Mary want Bob to get some rest?
    Remember, our concept checks are not really meant to trick or fool students but for them to just demonstrate that they have understood the new language or skill.

    Avoid asking Do you understand? and have fun concept checking!

    I hope this helps.

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