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    Hi there,
    I am always confused if I should use past simple or present perfect with the adverb 'before'
    I have been there before.
    I was there before.


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    Re: before

    You wrote about the following example:

    I have been there before.
    I was there before.

    Hello--- Both do mean the same essentially. The first, "I have been there before" is stronger somewhat, suggesting that you wish to stress that this is the fact; that you have been there before. "I was there before" has 'no emotional strength to it. It is a very plain, bland, unemotional statement of fact. It also doesn't sound as natural as the first example generally. Other possible ways to express the same idea:

    I was there once.
    I visited there once before.
    I know where this is.
    I have already been there.
    I know about this place. I visited there back in 2005.


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