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    Learn English through TV

    I am a teacher and every time THat's 70's Show is on, I tell my students to watch at least first 10 minutes of it and the next day we talk about new vocabulary. It's a perfect way to learn and you wouldn't believe how much they remember. I believe it's because the show is funny and it's easier to remember something in a funny context. Due to this reason I also launched a website Learn English with "Sex and the City" , where I talk about vocabulary used in a popular TV show. Do you know about any similar websites? What movies do you watch to learn English?

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    Re: Learn English through TV

    I have used the movie "Mrs. Doubtfire", starring Robin Williams, with advanced English students.
    Songs are good too.


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    Re: Learn English through TV

    I take lessons in English as first thing in the morning.
    I'm not joking, I listen to the news and do the breakfast, try not to miss a chance for a free lesson, and catch on gossip, of course.

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    Re: Learn English through TV

    I'm always using TV as a way to learn English.
    Always that I have free time I try to watch movies and TV shows in English to pratice my listening and learn new vocabulary.
    So, I watch everything I can.

    One of my favorites is LOST. First because I loooove this TV show, and its story, and its characters ... But the nicest thing in LOST to learn English is that in LOST, you have chacarters from many nacionalities, so it's great, because you can listen to different accents!
    At the beggining, I couldn't understand any word that Desmond spoke, as example! It's very nice, because I didn't know Scots English, I have never listened to it since then.
    And, there is also Sayid, for example. I love his English mixed with Arabic pronunciation! (I love him, indeed ).
    Oh, and if you like Australian English, there is Claire. But I can't notice so much difference between Australian and American accent.
    So, this is a interesting thing to notice in TV shows, I think.
    The accent I like more is Juliet's English (Elizabeth Mitchel)l. I love her voice and the way she speaks. I would like that my English were as hers is.

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    Post Re: Learn English through TV

    My english teacher intorduced us to films like Billy Elliot or Dead Poets Society (subtitled)
    I also (try to) watch House, MD., Csi (Las Vegas), Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad.
    I think it's better than study *only* grammar.

    Oh, I've never heard about websites like the one linked.

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