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    Hence his nickname of 'Father'.

    What does the sentence 'Hence his nickname of 'Father'' mean?

    What is a Father here?

    'Well, Father,' he said, 'let's hear a few homely wisecracks from you.' The man addressed as 'Father' was Chief-Inspector Fred Davy. His retirement lay not long ahead and he appeared to be even more elderly that he was. Hence his nickname of 'Father''

    Why do we insert 'of' in the last sentence above?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Hence his nickname of 'Father'.

    The speaker is being facetious and slightly rude in the way he is addressing an older man {{His retirement lay not long ahead and he appeared to be even more elderly that he was}}.

    In another sense, it could be used as a sign of reluctant respect.

    Hence his nickname of 'Father'' "He is an elderly man and this is why he has been given the nickname of 'Father' [and not the nickname of Boy or Baldy or any other name]"

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