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    how can I improve my little english language

    Im living in australia to study next year

    I have been studdying english since last february

    until now I have some proplems I could not improve my english

    please what the best way to learn english

    the hardest thing for me vocabularys


    take me to the right direction

    my first language is arabic

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    Re: how can I improve my little english language

    Welcome to the forums.

    The only way to improve is to practice and practice and practice. Vocabulary is learned through reading and listening. Read and listen as much as possible. Have a good dictionary and a notebook - when you meet a word you do not know, look it up and then use it.

    You can always try out your English writing on us.

    Basic rules in writing:
    Each sentence starts with a capital letter.
    Proper names [personal names/names of the months and days/company names/names of languages and countries] start with a capital letter.
    One space follows a punctuation mark.

    Learn to punctuate:

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