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Thread: p silent?

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    p silent?

    hi everybody,
    in the word "psychiatrist" is the "p" pronounced or is silent?

    what about the "w" in the word "answer"? is it silent?

    thank you so much, bye

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    Re: p silent?

    The "p" in "psychiatrist" is silent -- native speakers of English have trouble with certain consonant clusters at the beginning of a word: "ps-", "pt-", "kn-" and "x-" (representing two consonants, "ks") are the ones we have most trouble with, and so we pronounce them "s-", "t-", "n-" and "z-" respectively.

    The "w" in "answer" is usually silent, but a few speakers do sometimes pronounce it.

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    Re: p silent?

    One silent letter to watch is the n at the end of 'autumn' and 'column'. This is silent in the 'base' word, but loses its silentness when followed by a vowel in a derived word - 'autumNal', 'columNar', 'columNist' ...


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