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    Celta Assignment Help!

    Hi all, I'm in the middle of my first CELTA assignment (focus on the learner) and am focusing on a student from Zimbabwe. Their native language is Ndebele and I cannot find anything on the web commenting on the problems of learning English when your mother tongue is Ndebele. Can anyone help? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Celta Assignment Help!

    I've just done my CELTA and the way my assignment was set up was to set a piece of written homework. The homework was then marked and I had to set remedial exercises based on any weaknesses in the work.

    The student I had was Polish and the problem was articles, so it was a case of finding a suitable exercise in a course book or the internet and adapting it appropriately.

    Every CELTA course centre sets up their own assignments so without knowing exactly what your task is.

    There is a book we had in our course library, "Learner English" by Swan, which might be of help but I don't remember if Ndebele was specifically mentioned but it might be\worth a look.

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    Re: Celta Assignment Help!

    Hi I am currently doing my Celta and working on my assignment Language Related Task, I have done CCQ, meaning , forms, and pronuciation for the below but having problem with the Context,

    can anyone please help...

    can you help even little or much

    here are the sentances just in case you do not have the book with you...

    1. She needn't have got up so early.(intermidiate)
    2. I didn't mean to break it. (elementary)
    3. If I were you I'd go to the doctor. (pre-Intermidiate)
    4. It suits you V Itfits you. (Elementary)
    5. I wish I'd gone to the party. ( Intermidiate)
    6. I told her off. (late intermidiate)
    7. By the end of June She'll have been working here for 5 years. (advanced)

    Many Thanks

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