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    formal letter

    Dear Mr. Butler
    This letter is requesting your attention in the possibility to grant me Natalie Marin, a late withdrawal from Eng 102.
    The reason for my request is that due to a gastro-intestinal infection I had over a period of 2 weeks in late October. I missed 3 classes of the Eng 102 course. The past November 21st, I went to see the Dr, and I was diagnosed with a bladder infection. And I have also been called from Colombia S.A. to have a pap smear check up. The clinic in Colombia has found some HPV cells in my organism. But all this will have to wait until next year when my insurance comes into affect through my new job. At this moment it is impossible for me to cover these expenses.
    I considered that granting my late withdrawal from the class ENG 102 for the fall semester of 2007, this will give me a better opportunity to perform at my best next semester, and my performance will not be affected by medical issues like it was this semester.

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    Re: formal letter

    Welcome to the forums.

    Do you have a question about this? Please let us know what you are hoping for.

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    Re: formal letter

    i hope it can be corrected and if it is appropiate for what i wish to do

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