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    Certificate of Proficiency in English for me?

    Hi everyone. My name is Jon, a young working adult but student of English language (for life).

    Am considering sitting for CPE exam for two reasons. First, CPE certificate is useful for both higher education and employment opportunity. Secondly (and most decisively), I regard CPE as good level of English for me to work toward as goal wherein the process of learning would develop different aspects of English language in my life. Desired result would be a cert (perhaps good grade?) and a more thorough comprehension, understanding, and skillful use of English language, for me. In another word, I hope CPE would be a good mean to achieve my ambition of being proficient in English.

    I simply love the language.

    However, this quest is not easy. Local colleges/universities would not offer CPE training as it has low demand in my country. Fortunately, I can still sit for exam at certain language center. That also means - self-study.

    Would you share with me some insights regarding how you study for CPE, recommend some materials, even tutor if you know any good one from my country (prefer native speaker of English language!) who are passionate to help this desperate chap.

    Do you think CPE is good for me? Is self-studying my only option? How to get the best out of self-studying? How else can I achieve high proficiency in English (i expect no easy way out, but at least, effective way)?

    This really is very important to me, a priority to me for the next couple of years. I am willing to spend most of my time, energy and money for this pursue. Appreciate all your answers and suggestion.

    Thank you so much!

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    Re: Certificate of Proficiency in English for me?

    It is possible to self-study for CPE. One of the key issues is a deep knowledge and understanding of the contents of the exam itself- simply being excellent at English is not enough. Get hold of past papers and try to be analytical about your mistakes and try to keep records of questions that repeat the same item in different words.

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