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Thread: found in a book

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    found in a book

    Can we say: Pls play me a joke ????
    or must we say pls play a joke on me????

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    Re: found in a book

    Most people would understand either. "Play me a joke" could be talking about radio or CD player.

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    Re: found in a book

    I disagree. Play me a joke makes no sense in BE. "Can you tell me a joke?" would make sense. As would "play a joke on me". However, the first is a request and the second, although it could be asked as a request, is more likely to be used as a statement. "John played a joke on me."

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    Re: found in a book

    To play a joke on somebody is to kid somebody/pull somebody's leg usually ending up with the recipient of the joke looking silly. Hence why you rarely ask someone to play a joke on you.

    To tell a joke is to tell someone a story (usually fictional) that is funny.

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