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    Question grammar

    how do you know if a phrasal ver is seperable or not?

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    Re: grammar

    Phrasal verbs which take objects can be separable or inseparable:
    Separable phrasal verbs can remain together when using an object that is a noun or noun phrase.
    • I picked Tom up. OR I picked up Tom.
    • They put their friends up. OR They put up their friends.
    Separable phrasal verbs MUST be separated when a pronoun is used:
    • We picked him up at the station. NOT We picked up him at the station.
    • They put them up. NOT They put up them.
    Inseparable phrasal verbs always remain together. It makes no difference if a noun or pronoun is used.

    • We set off for the beach. / We set off for it.
    • They are looking after the children. / They are looking after them.

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