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    not really a cc:

    I am sending a letter to two different people, but the letter is the same, just addressed seperately.

    So, I don't really want to say cc: since it is not a complete carbon copy. I just want to let them know I am sending a letter to another division as well.
    Are there common letters I can use at the bottom of the page.


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    Re: not really a cc:

    "cc" is a holdover from carbon paper days. Most companies now use “pc:” for photo copy instead of “cc:”. You can also use “Copy to:” Often times when the same letter is going to more than one office both addresses are included in the heading of the letter like this:

    Mr. Fred Smith, President

    Nationwide Company
    123 Main Street
    Anytown, State Zip

    Mr. Tom Jones, Sales Director

    Nationwide Company
    1177 First Street
    Anothertown, State Zip

    Dear Sirs,


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