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    usage of ''Would''



    I am Zaib, I am living in London and English is not my native language Would u plz tell me all possible usage of the ''would'' in all tenses because i do'nt know how to use it on exact situation.


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    Re: usage of ''Would''

    "would" is the past tense of "will". You use "would" in the following cases:
    * When you offer someone something or ask someone to do you a favour : Would you like some coffee? Would you please help me?
    * When you describe things that are unbelievable to you or unreal conditional sentences: I would have done that if I were you. / I wouldn't have come if she wasn't my cousin. / If I knew that I wouldn't have given him the money./ I can't believe that someone would do such thing.
    * When you use reported speech: He told me that he would come. / the weather channel reported this morning that it would rain around 3 pm.

    Hope this helps

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