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    Post plase help my

    I have to test on adg closed Can you help me to understand the rule

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    Re: plase help my


    adjective: not open or affording passage or access (Example: "The many closed streets made travel difficult")
    adjective: used especially of mouth or eyes (Example: "He sat quietly with closed eyes")
    adjective: blocked against entry (Example: "A closed porch")
    adjective: of a curve or surface; having no end points or boundary curves; of a set; having members that can be produced by a specific operation on other members of the same set; of an interval; containing both its endpoints
    adjective: not having an open mind (Example: "A closed mind unreceptive to new ideas")
    adjective: not open to the general public (Example: "A closed meeting")
    adjective: with shutters closed
    adjective: shut down (Example: "The airport is closed because of the weather")
    adjective: (of the wings of birds and insects) closed together
    adjective: not open

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