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    At or Whit


    Excuse me, but i need to know if the next sentence's right

    "What do you do if your best friend is angry AT YOU?"

    This sentence is in my english book, but my english teacher said me that it's right, but other teacher said me that my book has a mistake, because i have to change "AT" for "WITH". I'm very confused.

    Could you help me?

    Thank you so much!!
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    Re: At or Whit

    American speakers usually say angry at someone, but British and other speakers more often say angry with someone, for example, I was really angry with my brother for borrowing the book without asking me.

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    Re: At or Whit

    You could also say "angry with you", which I think is what your teacher meant. It is ok to say "at" as well.

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    Re: At or Whit

    Thank You So Much!!!

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