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    1. There's some water in the bottle.
    2. There's water in the bottle.
    3. It is water in the bottle.

    My questions:
    (I understand the first one and I know why I use 'some'.)
    Do the second and third sentence exist? Can I say them? / When do I say them?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Some


    I am just a student but I would say that the 1st and the 2nd one are okay.

    The 1st one kind of tells us about the amount of water in the bottle while the 2nd one just let us know that water exists inside the bottle.

    I am just a student and I may be flat wrong!


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    Re: Some

    JC is right.

    About Sentence 3: It is water in the bottle.

    You'd never say that to mean "There is water in the bottle."

    But the sentence could exist as the answer to a question:

    "What's in the bottle?"
    "It's water in the bottle."



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