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    From last fifty years, the continuous development of public service sector in Asia and Pacific nurturing of volunteerism and further fundraising of donations has been changed the perceptions and originated the conception of new management strategies and way of handling the problems that hold a big deal for monopolizing and more, in naked view they influence the poor and needy (underdeveloped and developing) nations with the respect of their own vested interests.

    This study is about the donorís policies, planned with lens which is impracticable in accordance of the being implemented society. The concept of democracy is the core concern in this study that is only one component reflecting from particular dimensions.

    Democracy is not a system that is the subject to install but it is a process and time frame for its effectiveness. This time frame dependent on various types of phenomenon including human resources, available functional technology and social integration.

    The methodology is about probability sampling through emails response and in-depth detail interviews.
    This study will ensure the management and minimize the unwanted consequences that further become a silent reason and argu for mismanagement of conflicts at global level.

    From last fifty years, organizations working at global level for democracy and financial add has gotten various types of tags that are most controversial with the respect of their reputation. The culture of systematic volunteerism, fund-raising and highly managed donations for under-developed & developing countries produced some unwanted consequences that are a real question mark in front of the donor policies.

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    Re: Democracy

    for fifty years
    the public service sector
    at a global level or at the global level
    Use more 25 cent words and fewer $5 words.


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