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    what this means????plz..give an info. about this..

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    Re: gerunds+function+forms

    Quote Originally Posted by visitor View Post
    what this means????plz..give an info. about this..
    A gerund is a form of a verb used as a noun. Remember the following two guidelines when you hunt for gerunds:

    * Gerunds always end in -ing.
    * Gerunds always act as nouns.

    Gerunds can function as subjects, direct objects, indirect objects, objects of a preposition, predicate nominatives, and appositives. Here are some examples of gerunds:

    * Leroy expanded his skills by studying.

    * The gerund “studying” is the object of the preposition “by.”

    * At the age of 10, Irving started running.

    * The gerund “running” is a direct object.

    * My mother's sole occupation, kvetching, makes her tedious company.

    * The gerund “kvetching” (an especially virulent form of complaining) is an appositive in this sentence.

    Like a participle, a gerund can be part of a phrase. In that case, the whole package is called a gerund phrase. (Got you with that one, didn't I?) Here are some gerund phrases busy at work in their sentences:
    Danger, Will Robinson

    Don't confuse gerunds and present participles, because both end in -ing. A gerund functions only as a noun, while a participle functions only as an modifier.

    * The quiet, steady rowing soothed him.

    * The gerund phrase is “the quiet, steady rowing.”

    * My evening routine features jogging slowly around the block.

    For more information click on the following :

    Phrases: Verbal Phrases: Talk Soup —

    Gerunds and Infinitives: Their Noun Roles

    Identifying Verbals - Recognizing Participles Gerunds and Infinitives

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