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    Question gave and given......

    "Prizes, including shirts, wall clocks and cash, were given to the other teams"

    The above sentence is taken from a newspaper which reports a competition.

    My question is, this is a report about an incident which already takes place. That means it is a past tense. then why cant we use ".............., were gave to the other teams" .

    I understand it is not fitting to the sentence, but i want to know why ?

    Thanks in Advance for your replies

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    Re: gave and given......

    English verbs come in several different forms. The forms you're interested in are:

    the past tense form ("gave")
    the past participle ("given")

    The past tense form is used to form the past tense: "I gave her a book yesterday."

    The past participle is used for many different things. Together with a form of "have" it forms the perfect aspect:

    "I have given her a book." (present perfect)
    "I had given her a book." (past perfect)

    Together with a form of "be" it forms the passive voice:

    "A book was given to her." (past passive)

    Now, this is the important thing to remember: the passive voice is formed using the verb "be", plus the past participle of the verb you want to make passive.

    And that's the rule.

    It's easy to forget this rule, though, because for most English verbs, the past tense and the past participle look exactly the same:

    "He played the trumpet." (past tense of "play")
    "The trumpet was played." (past participle of "play")

    This isn't the same form, though; it just looks the same.

    But for many verbs, the past tense and the past participle forms are different. These are irregular verbs, and you have to learn them.


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