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    Angry idom help plez

    Please help me with the following idom

    I am keeping my finger across.

    what does it mean?

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    Re: idom help plez

    "Keeping your fingers crossed" means that you are hoping that something good happens in a situation. Put your middle finger over index (pointing) finger. This is crossing your fingers.
    I believe it is linked to Christianity- the sign of the cross is for protection. People cross their fingers for luck. If you bet money on a horse race, you might cross your fingers during the race, hoping your horse would win.
    See this link for various images of crossing fingers:
    "crossed fingers" - Google Image Search

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    Re: idom help plez

    I think the idiom goes
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed

    To keep ones fingers crossed is a gesture (as far as I know being used at least all over Europe and the US) warding of bad luck.

    An other meaning is when you make a vow keeping your fingers crossed (behind your back so that no one can see the gesture) the vow is unvalid.

    The gesture is performed by putting your middle finger over your index finger (sometimes of both hands)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: idom help plez


    When we say "keeping our fingers crossed", it means something that you say to show that you hope that what you have just said will happen or be true. , and it also means "To hope that nothing will happen to bring bad luck or to ruin one's plans"

    It is not only an idiomatic expression, but it has been a superstitious belief...

    Crossing the first two fingers is a good luck sign recognised around the world. It is, however, not so common in Buddhist and Muslim cultures, suggesting that the symbol's origin is Christian .
    Also, according to the theory goes that during the various times when Christianity was illegal, the crossing of fingers was a secret sign for Christians to recognise each other. Yet whilst the Sign of the Cross has evolved into a 'good luck' symbol and retained its Christian meaning, Fingers Crossed has lost any Christian connection.

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    Re: idom help plez

    Also, and confusingly, if you cross your fingers behind your back while you are telling a lie to someone, it is supposed to "neutralize" the lie somehow.

    Child a: "You've eaten the last piece of pie! You told me I could have it!"

    Child b: "Yeah, but I had my fingers crossed."

    This is a custom of childhood, but I've seen it used by adults on television comedies, etc. For instance, this book cover art:

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