Im just wondering my english levels, so i just made this essay.
I know my english is not really good but please check it and give grades.


Nowadays, there are many students continuing their studies overseas. Many of them think that education in other countries is better than in theirs. In my opinion, studying abroad is a good option but there are many advantages and disadvantages of it.

Firstly, since our parents left us alone in other country, we need to stand alone which means we've to do everything ourselves. Hopefully, we can adapt in a short time. With this oppotunity, we can train ourselves in a situation where we have to work alone. Moreover, we can gain more experience by doing something we haven't done previously.

Secondly, when you're in other country, you will be forced to speak the country language. For instance, China, you'll be forced to speak Mandarin anywhere and anytime. By having this chance, you will be promised to be able to speak Mandarin fluently.

Thirdly, you can have free-friendship with new friends in new country but you'll have problems like drugs, gangsters and as well as free-sex.

In addition, while leaving in other country, you can learn their cultures, living standard, etc.

In Conclusion, i think studying abroad is a good option but we need to manage ourselves of good and bad things.

Score: /100