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Thread: Ending a letter

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    Ending a letter

    I am writing a letter to a Sir, hence I am addressing it to Sir John Smith (for example). However, I believe the Salutation should be Dear Sir, so do I end the letter with Yours faithfully, or Yours sincerely?

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    Re: Ending a letter

    You would not start the letter Dear Sir, but Dear Sir John, as he is titled. This is not being over-familiar, but merely the correct form of addressing someone with a knighthood.
    You are writing to someone whose name you know and use in the letter. Therefore, you sign it, Yours sincerely.
    If you ever know the name of the person you are writing to, do not use Dear Sir

    John Smith
    Acme Chemicals,

    Dear Mr. Smith

    Acme Chemicals
    Attn : The Manager
    Toxic Waste Boulevard

    Dear Sir
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