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    I'm doing english A Level Coursework, and I'm just wondering what the technical term is for running words together, or talking really fast so that a few words come out sounding like they are one word. Holly

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    Re: Help!

    I can't think of one word in English for that. We would say, "he was talking on top of himself'/'they were talking on top of each other'

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    In most ELT writing, rapid delivery is referred to as 'connected speech.'

    In linguistics analyisis of pronunciation there are various terms such as:

    assimilation - where d sounds next to p, b or m sounds run into each other, like in 'handball'

    elision - where you drop the sound of a word, as in 'Christmas' or 'sandwich'

    absorption - where the sounds of words run together, as in 'a nice house' - 'an ice house'.

    For more information on this try these websites:
    Karen's linguistic issues - Karen's Linguistics Issues
    A Reference Glossary to Pronunciation Terms and Terminology for ESL EFL TESL TEFL Teacher


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