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    day of reckoing

    who to use the expression properly,

    "day of reckoning"



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    Re: day of reckoing

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    Quote Originally Posted by mylee39 View Post
    How do I use the expression properly?

    "day of reckoning"


    The day of reckoning has come - you have failed your exam because you did no work.

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    Re: day of reckoing

    "Day of reckoning " means a time when something must be dealt with. It generally has unpleasant connotations to it. It comes from the Biblical day of reckoning ( i.e Judgment Day...when God passes judgment on everyone)

    An example of modern day use is " Borrowing more money to pay off your debts will only delay the day of reckoning" .... meaning the time will come when you will have to account for and pay back the money.



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