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    Unhappy Re: How to use "as" in the contract

    To define something in the contract, I think that "as defined below" or "defined below" are used. I want to know the difference between "Product A (as defined below)" and "Product A(defined below)". In this case, I want to know about "as" grammatically.

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    Re: How to use "as" in the contract

    'as defined below' means that the word(s) referred to should be interpreted with the meaning given in the definition that follows.

    'defined below' simply states that there is a definition below.

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    Re: How to use "as" in the contract

    I see 'as' being used as an adverb of position in that case. There is little difference in the general sense of the two phrases. I am sure wo laweyers could run up a huge bill argueing the point.
    'As defined below' can been seen as meaning 'ONLY as defined below".

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