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    Hi there,
    John is taller than she. OR
    John is taller than she is.

    which one is correct?


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    Re: talller

    I believe the correct answer is:

    John is taller than she is. but i am not 100% sure

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    Re: talller


    i think it's better to say "John is taller than she is" rather than "John is taller than she".

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    Re: talller

    Both are grammatically correct. The difference is how they sound to the listener's ear, and who might say it the first way, and who the second way.

    John is taller than she.

    This might be said by some middle-aged or older academic who speaks very precisely, with very, very correct grammar. If said be someone in everyday speech, they would sound a bit pompous and 'precious' (affectedly concerned with elegant or refined behavior, language, or manners.)

    John is taller than she is
    This is correct grammar and it would be recommended you stick to using this.
    However, in very casual speech, you will hear, "John is taller than her."


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