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    Re: two- word verbs

    What's the exact wording of the title?

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    Re: two- word verbs

    Quote Originally Posted by amady View Post
    dear tdol i am afraid that there is a kind of misunderstanding between me and you. to avoid such situations i will ask you to put yourself in my condition.what will you do when you are about to write an MA thesis research on multi-word verbs.
    Dear Amady,

    It would be helpful to me if you would give some examples of some English two-word verbs, and explain how they would be handled in Kurdish. Are multi-word verbs numerous in Kurdish? Does Kurdish incorporate adverbs into verbs as some languages do? Would you consider "split up" to be a two-word verb? Would it be two words in Kurdish?

    Obviiously I don't quite understand what you are asking for.

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