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Thread: enogh of tapes

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    enogh of tapes


    I was wondering if you are regularly provided with CDs by your DOS, because I'm not. And when I ask her I never get a straight answer. The thing is, tapes are now old fashioned for both teachers (rewinding and fastforwarding is a pain in the neck) and students (they think the school is not modern enough and they could do without that typical tape background noise).

    Is there a way to get hold of cds for listening tasks (most common publishers)? Can you help?


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    Re: enogh of tapes

    Have you tried contacting the publishers? Most audio publishers use CDs for their products now, apart from those who supply public libraries.

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    Re: enogh of tapes

    It's just your school being penny pinching and not investing in the CD's. Typical of Italian language schools! All the big publishers do CD's now as a matter of course. If you're trying to get hold of cheap copies yourself, you might be lucky on Amazon uk marketplace. It depends on what course books you're using, and what people have put up for sale.
    I know what you mean about tapes, though -it makes you feel unprofessional using them.

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    Re: enough of tapes

    Thanks. I didn't know it was typical of Italian schools. The thing is, making copies of cds is so much quicker than dubbing tapes, I don't understand what's so complicated. As a result I can only use tapes...and after I've been made to wait for a while (I mean days).

    Hopefully I'll be able to sort this out on the internet...It seems I'm not the only one in trouble with this.


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