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    I am talking to Susan
    " Hey, darling..."
    " Hey, dear Susan..."

    Is darling/dear appropriate to use in the following context?
    1. She's my e-pal. We never meet but we've chatted for a couple of months.
    2. She's my relative, or someone I love definitely it's OK to use that.
    3. She's my good friend, no matter the age. Can I address someone who is older or younger than me darling or dear?
    4. Susan is my school teacher. I don't think I can call her 'my darling'
    5. Susan is my school teacher, can she call me 'Darling'?

    I'd use 'dear' in a respectful way, whereas 'darling' within more intimate relationships. I think it is more or less cultural and personal things. :wink:

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    In the southern US darling is used as a friendly term in a conversation. Even a sales clerk will say "of course darling". The "g" almost disappears.
    "dear" is used in an almost overbearing way especially between women gossiping - "Naomi dear - have you heard ...."

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