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    The Lost word

    She’s lost a word
    and searches for it everywhere-
    behind the sofa, at the back
    of dusty cupboards and drawers.

    She picks through the rubbish sacks.

    Under the carpet she finds lots of others
    she’d forgotten she’d swept under the there
    but not the one she’s looking for.

    The trouble is it’s small – only two letters
    though no less valuable for that.

    She stands racking her brains
    for the last time she used it
    but all that comes to mind
    are failed attempts
    when here mouth was full
    of someone else’s tongue.

    Dear all,

    would you please help me in the following :

    1) How does the underline portion of the above poem suggest that she is so preoccupied in domestic work that she has lost / forgotten a word or how does searching sofa, cupboard etc shows that she is preoccupied in domestic work.

    2) Whats the meaning of "no less valuable" in the above pem. What does "that" refer to here.

    3) Is "racking" an adverbial adjective here.

    thanks & regards

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    Re: The Lost word

    No less valuable for that
    The word is small (short), consisted of only two letters, but the shortness can not lower its value.

    Rack one's brains means to be puzzled with something (cudgel one's brains, beat brains, worry one's head)

    hope I make sense.

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