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Thread: You and number

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    Question You and number

    I am a teacher, indeed a fresh teacher. Once i want to teach my students the Be verbs, I feel that I do have a problem. The problem is that how to make the idea of having the pronoun YOU athe plural be verb in both past and present times. Once I told them that it is to be treated as a plural pronoun permanently, but my leader told me that it is not a nice way to make it easier. So what is to do ,now?

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    Re: You and number

    Take a look at this page and see if it is helpful: Be Verbs

    Good luck

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    Re: You and number

    Firstly, thank you. But what am looking for is the way to teach the idea that we always give YOU the plural form of Be verbs though sometimes we do refer by it to a singular person.


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