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    Essay for Scholarships

    I'm using Fast Web to find scholarhips incidentally a lot of them require essays, so I'm working on those too. This is my first attempt at an essay. ( haven't done one since high school I just turned 25...i'm in trouble) I guess I'm asking for any help at all any corrections to it be my guest many thx to improve my smarts! As I get more written, I will post more here. One thing in particular my second paragraph has some information that I kind of meant to be in my third paragraph ( I meant for my second paragraphy to include how Iran/Isarael/Korea examples show that nukes are bieng made, and my second paragraph was meant to show the previous measures at non proliferation and the flaws I found with them---some of those examples are in there, is that going to affect my essay?) any and all help is appreciated thx much.

    TOPIC: What, if anything, can be done to stop nuclear proliferation?

    Nuclear Technology began with one country in 1945 "The Nuclear Club" has risen from one country to nine despite our best efforts at prevention of nuclear proliferation. The Non proliferation Treaty as well as The Atoms for Peace program and many other programs have unavoidable flaws, incidentally the number of nuclear weapon states has risen. To cope with Nuclear proliferation ensuring our survival we must make nuclear weapons meaningless. There are a myriad of ways to achieve this; including, superior technology, political influence, and a strategic awareness of who has what weapons. We are not meant to prevent nuclear proliferation. We are meant to survive it. There are ways to make nuclear weapons meaningless; there are ways to ensure our survival it is up to us to discover them.

    The Lid to Nuclear weapons and technology opened with the then secret "Manhattan Project" and the first weapons test occured on July 16, 1945 at a site near Alamogordo, New Mexico. Once Discovered Nuclear Techonology could not be "Undiscovered" The Baruch plan administered on June 14, 1946 by the Truman administration even specifically mentions that no safeguards are possible to prevent a nation bent on agression from producing nuclear weapons. The most recent abandon of non proliferation occured with N. Korea's unauthorized test of a nuclear device, not long after it withdrew from the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Aside from N. Korea's outright refusal to play along, others are keeping quiet of thier intentions such as Israel's policy of Ambiguity believed to be in place. This policy is determined insofar as that Israel as never officially admitted to having nuclear weapons but has made a vague statement regarding not bieng the first to introduce them into the middle east, not making clear on the definition of that statement. There have been attempts to investigate Iran's allegedly peaceful uranium enrichment and to whether or not there is also weapons bieng produced in secret. These countries are proof that technology is like the wind, it will spread, and it can not be contained.

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    Re: Essay for Scholarships

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