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Thread: hitch-hiker

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    Hi again.(Are there any limits as to how often you may ask for help?)

    If you gave a hitch -hiker
    a lift home, would you tell him (not informal and BE) "Get in.I'll take you home."
    or would there be any other phrase(s) one could use?

    on arriving you'd say "Here we are." ?

    Thanks again.I really appreciate the help given here.

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    Re: hitch-hiker

    No limits - ask away!

    "Hi, where are you going? If it's on my way I can take you home."

    "Here we are" is ok, also "Here you are" or "Is this the place?"

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    Re: hitch-hiker

    In English North America we'll give someone a "ride" rather than a "lift."

    We almost never see hitchhikers nowadays in Canada. It's a shame. I had great experiences hitchhiking around Europe and North American.

    I wish you success in your studies

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    Re: hitch-hiker

    Fewer here too - it's really quite rare to seem them, even at the end of university terms when the students used to hitch home frequently.

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