I would appreciate if someone reads the bellow paragraphs to catch the mistakes and off course any kinds of advice about learning the language. Thanks in advance for spending the valuable time.

I am supposed to practice my writing, reading and listening in order to improve my language skills. Out of these three areas I enjoy writing a lot, albeit I am a novice in English language.
When I read I become a little bit frustrated because of new vocabularies. Thereafter, my reading is limited to daily newspaper headlines and internet such as yahoo headlines and CNN headlines. Almost every day I encounter a lot of new words either listening to my co-worker, reading something at work or news media. It is quite difficult for an adult like me to remember all the new words that I find every day. Reading the newspaper does not really mean I go through the whole newspaper every day. As I already mentioned here that I just browse the headlines to get the updates not more than that. Just reading the news is quite boring to me and day by day I am becoming impatient about it.
Somewhere I read about “Penguin Readers books” for reading practices. I would like to read those books but, not sure where and how to find it. I will call the public library and see if they can help me finding these books. I stopped reading books in my mother language because I think it is better to read something in English rather than in my own language.
I am a quite person at work because I feel contained in my poor speaking skill. Participating in a conversation like talking about music, movie and TV programs are not as easy as a native speaker.