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    wanawang Guest

    how r u doing ?

    i am puzzled whenever friends say " how r u doing" to me
    i think its just like what r u doing ? or how r u ?
    what ever does this word mean?

    i need help , what i have to say when my friend say 'how r u doing"

    thanks in advance

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    In this context, this means "how are you ?".
    You can answer:
    (I'm (doing)) fine / ok / alright / so-so / great / not so well etc.


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    wanawang Guest

    thanks a lot

    u mentioned in this context . that means also can be another meaning if context r different?

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    Yes. If your boss comes over at your desk and asks you how you're doing, he'll probably shake his head if you answer "I'd be fine but for a bit of a stomach ache". He meant how you were doing with your work. But then, he can sometimes inquire about your health before asking you to come to work next Saturday.


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    wanawang Guest

    thank u

    its really useful for me :D

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