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    proposal- please give me a feedback

    From: Maricel Lujan- class representative
    To: Tv Company: show and tell production
    Subject: Our view points on current social issues.
    Dtae: 10th December, 2007

    he purpose of this report is to put together the information we have gathered about the current social conditions in our country.

    All of us got to an agreement on the idea that`poverty represents a real and serious problem in some parts of our country. Poverty becomes a constant threat to low-class people as it can result on several other more serious troubles- such as juvenile crime, drug addiction, among others.

    Equal opportunities
    Many of the resulting current social conditions are due to the lack of job opportunities our county is facing at present.
    Performing a job is not a only related to getiing a salary to live- or rather survive- in tis society, but it is clocely related to a person's dignity as well. Women, particularly, have to fight constantly against the persisting discrimination towards them when attempting to get a job.
    Equal opportunities for all people, despiet their genre, social status or origin should be a must in every country.

    To sum up, all the aspects listed above were of too much relevance for us. We strongly reckon that if all of them are seriously considered and shown in Tv programmes we are on the way to improve our lifestyle and achieve a better country for all of us.

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    Re: proposal- please give me a feedback

    You might try to take each problem (juvenile crime, drug addiction) show how poverty makes them grow. Then show how TV exposure can help to make them lessen.

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