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Thread: at morning

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    at morning

    I read the phrase 'at morning' in a dictionary which was compiled and published in the 1960's by a Chinese publishing house and wonder why I've never met with such a phrase in other books.

    Just now I searched the web, and found there were a number of the phrases of 'at morning/ evening' on the Internet. I'd like to know if 'at morning' is similar in meaning to 'at dawn' or 'at sunrise' or 'at daybreak' or something.

    Thank you.

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    Re: at morning

    My first reaction to your question was that "at morning" is completely impossible.
    But I googled it and found that it does occur in a few titles, literally usages.
    But it's not what you'd ordinarily say or write.

    I saw her in the morning.
    We have our English class in the morning.
    He slept until late in the morning.
    She was always hungry in the morning.


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    Re: at morning

    Sorry for the typo in the message above. I meant literary, not literally.

    Guess I'm not always alert in the morning.


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