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    Sample Infinitive: "to <verb>", such as "to eat".

    His work sheet had the following sample sentences:

    1. This is a place for us to play baseball.
    2. This is a place to take a bath.
    3. This is a machine to keep you warm.
    4. This is a machine to take pictures.
    5. This is a machine to play music.
    6. This is a machine to clean the room.
    7. This is a machine to sell tickets.

    While I have no issues with numbers 1 and 2, my confusion lies in numbers 3 to 7. I thought about replacing "to" with "that" (and modify the verb as needed), but that brings me out of the topic of infinitives. I also tried "This machine is" instead of the current sentence, but that speech style sounds rather archaic.

    In particular, I have trouble with "This is" in the sentence, because a phrase like "A machine to take pictures" sounds okay.

    Any thoughts about this? Or maybe I'm thinking too much about something silly? Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: infiintives

    These sentences are all good, with the minor exception of Number 6, which would more normally read "This is a machine to clean rooms."

    The infinitive often tells us the purpose, the use, the reason for something.
    I don't know what your native language is; many European languages use the infinitive in much the same way.

    success to you


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