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Thread: snow

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    I would like to know the difference between "1" and "2".
    1. It's snowing.
    2. There's a snow.

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    Re: snow

    "It's snowing" is fine, but no English speaker would ever say "There's a snow."
    We might say "There's been a fall of snow or a snowfall."
    Similarly, we would say "It's raining", but never "There's a rain."

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    Re: snow

    Hi there,

    "It's snowing."
    ... the snow is falling right now

    You can't say "there's a snow", as snow is an uncountable noun.

    You can say "there's snow on the ground" or "there's snow on the hills" etc- meaning at this moment there is snow on the ground/hill.

    Deborah ESL Tutor

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